The Tradie Toolbox
Are you . . . 

​​​​​​​Working huge hours . . . 50, 60, 70 hours/week
Cashflow’s tight despite the effort
Not on top of the bookwork
Missing family time, sport and fun stuff
Having trouble finding and keeping good staff
If these are so common (ask your mates, because they
are!) maybe there is a common link, a causal factor!

It’s the process not the people . . . a small amount of
WOTB (Working On The Business) time, instead only
WITB (Working In The Business) can lead to a lot less
WATB ​​​​​​​(Worrying About The Business)
What if you could . . . 

Plan a profit before work starts on a job​​​​​​
Filter out the poor-quality jobs and customers at the first meeting
Have an extra day each week to work on your business, without reduced productivity
Start each day knowing your team know what to do, how to do it and how to solve problems on their own
Tools Down
Tradie Toolbox
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