Strategic Planning

Get your team on the one page

Without direction and strategic planning, your business is in reactive mode, all the time.

When your organisation operates on reactive mode you have no control. The company is driven by the changes that come its way, and the results can be disastrous.

Strategic planning turns your business into a proactive organisation ready to deal with any changes in a coordinated way that involves the entire company.


We make Strategic Planning simple

A strategic plan is key to business success. It allows you to adjust the organisation’s direction in response to a changing environment in the most effective way.

It’s about setting priorities, focusing resources, strengthening operations, and ensuring that employees and stakeholders are working toward the same goals.

But you don’t need an extensive plan. A simple one-page plan is all it takes to:

Set clear direction and priorities

Get everyone on the same page

Simplify decision making

Drive alignment of time and resources

Communicate the organisation’s vision for the future

The Phases of Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning can be divided into four simple phases:

Assessment: where you develop an assessment of internal and external environments.

Strategy Formulation: where you develop a high level strategy and a basic organisational strategic plan.

Execution: where the high level plan transitions into measurable actions.

Evaluation: your strategy needs to be sustainable in the long run. You will need to continuously assess, fine-tune and course-correct performance, culture, communications and all the other elements that are part of your strategy.


A glimpse at Sean’s Strategy Planning Process:


Get your team on the same page. Literally.