Getting the support you need for your business and addressing your personal development
needs is critical to ongoing success. The problem is many support programs are too prescriptive, or don’t
directly relate to the pressing issues you’re facing on a daily basis. But now you have the solution with Business By Design Online . . .
Business By Design FREE Short Courses . . .
1. Just-in-time learning when and where needed.

2. A stimulating combination of online course, videos and hands-on activities.

3. Apply your learning to your specific situation not case studies.

4. Check your progress with self-assessment exams.

5. Self paced with 90 days to complete
(most complete < 60 days)

6. Fully online and flexible, and can be used on all computer & mobile devices 
Business By Design offers a collection of action-orientated online training courses designed to address your direct learning and development needs. Choose from 8 different subjects that provide a combination of business and personal development options. You can complete your chosen course when and where convenient. No need to take hours out of your busy working week to attend workshops or seminars. The hands-on activities are a core component of all courses and ensure you put into practice your learning,  and easily relating them back to your immediate needs.

Pick your free course from the list below
Strategic Planning
The Strategic Planning course is a fantastic way to learn the steps required to deliver a strategic planning session internally or with a customer.
Change Success
Change Success focuses in on the research by Mindshop founder, Dr Chris Mason which regard to the factors you need to influence to boost your probability of change success with regard to a specific change initiative.
Coaching & Developing People
Learn how to coach people effectively to ensure they achieve their full potential. Discover how to adapt your coaching approach to different people and instill the key tools and methodologies to assist them achieve their goals.
Time Management

95% of people are challenged with time management. It is a big issue for everyone. No matter whom you are, you only have 24 hours every day or 168 hours per week. No one gets any more. Some people however use their hours more effectively than others, how come they are more successful at managing their time?

Leadership Development
Learn how to be an effective leader regardless of your role or seniority in a business. Anybody can read up on the 'theories' regarding leadership this solution focuses on implementation of leadership principles and HOW to be an effective leader in a volatile and unpredictable market-place.
Problem Solving Skills
Learn a series of tools and methodologies to help implement a common approach to problem solving in an organisation. Discover how to make more robust decisions, rank the priority of key issues and a powerful sequence of tools to take a strategy into action.
Profit Improvement
Learn how to improve the profitability of any business by removing up to 30% of the inefficiencies (waste) that occurs every day.
Growth Strategies
Learn the fundamentals of how to accelerate growth in a business.


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