Leadership Development & Talent Management

Every company wants to retain, enhance and engage its top talent and there is no better way than through leadership development.

With a business environment that demands more collaboration, initiative, leadership and interpersonal skills than ever before, business owners are under constant pressure to hire le crème de la crème.

But once the top people are hired, the hard is not over.

To remain competitive, you must constantly measure employee’s strengths and skills gaps and implement a tailored development plan that engages, motivates and increases results. In other words: making your top talent even better.


How Do We Do It?

We joined efforts with Harrison Assessments™, a company that specialises in helping organisations hire, develop and retain top talent.

As a distributor, we give you access to over 25 years of research combined into cutting-edge recruitment and talent development solutions used by over 2.5 million people in 46 countries.

This talent development process acts on multiple key areas to achieve optimal effectiveness:


Development Assessment:

A thorough process that assesses team members against specific performance metrics and identifies areas for development.

Development Action Planning:

Leverage all our tools to create a solid development plan that makes the best people even better and retains talent so that they – and the company – can be successful in the long run.

Leadership Development:

Find out how leadership behaviours can be aligned with company values and give managers a clear understanding of their behaviours and how they can be improved.

Team Development:

Uncover key strengths and gaps in your team and leverage our tools to map the entire team’s behaviours against the key principles of leadership, competency and performance.


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Client Testimonials

“Thank you for your Career Navigation assessment. There was no part that I did not find beneficial, the key points for me that really improved my clarity and understanding of the report was that you helped identify important areas that if improved, would go a long way in terms of career advancement. Through identifying tendencies that were common among many traits, I was able to better clarify aspects of myself that may need improvement if I were to pursue the suggested field of work.”  Jarred Hewitson | University Student | September 2016