The Leadership Academy

Many leadership development programs are too prescriptive, or don’t directly relate to the pressing issues your business leaders face on a daily basis.

Learning and development of business leaders is critical to the ongoing success of any organisation.

The Leadership Academy is a combination of action-orientated on-line and face-to-face training, combined with coaching and community support. Designed to address the direct learning and development objectives of participants while extending commercial benefits to the wider organisation.

  1. Commercially focused programs ensure participants ‘learn by doing’, driving internal improvements during the learning process
  2. Tailored to address real skill gaps and achieve specific commercial needs
  3. Attraction and retention of future leaders flow from exceptional learning and development programs
  4. Accessing the experience and problem solving skills of a senior business coach rather than a junior facilitator brings immediate commercial benefits
  5. Participants learn just-in-time when and where they want, using a combination of on-line learning, webinars and face-to-face workshops
  6. Implementation of a common methodology set extends benefits to the wider organisation delivering a cohesive approach to problem solving, strategy development and access to a myriad of tools, templates and on-line courses
  7. Powered by Mindshop leveraging 25 years of expertise and experience in on-line learning and development solutions
  8. Individual accountability and improved probability of strategy implementation success is achieved by embedding Mindshop On-line into day to day learning practices

The Leadership Academy

Case Studies of The Leadership Academy





Fidelity Worldwide Investments

“The program to date has achieved a return of over 20:1”


Fidelity Worldwide Investment (FWI) is the non-US operation of Fidelity Investments which employs close to 40,000 people world-wide. FWI has operations in 23 countries and employs 4,000 people. In 2010 FWI in Hong Kong decided to formalize their continuous improvement (CI) program by engaging Mindshop to train and coach the Fidelity key executives in the Mindshop CI tools and processes. In 2012 the program was expanded to include Japan with a total of 15 senior Fidelity personnel licensed to use the Mindshop intellectual property. The program to date has achieved a return on investment of over 20:1. After two years 16 cross functional CI initiatives involving 75% of employees had been completed. Many internal project teams have also used the CI structure to improve their service delivery.

The FWI program is headed by the Fidelity Investments Chief Operating Officer, Carl McGann. Carl, a seven year veteran of Fidelity, has embraced the CI program and is a “hands-on” practitioner of the tools. “While the ROI is an essential outcome, the soft benefits should not be overlooked” McGann said, “motivation, morale, even recruitment and retention of our best people, have been positively impacted by the Mindshop program”. “What I like best is that it is a Fidelity program “powered by Mindshop”, not the other way around” McGann said. When asked where the program is heading in the coming years McGann commented, “the level of sophistication, strategic thinking and capability of our team keeps improving, so I am confident that our continuous improvement skills will become our competitive advantage”.

When asked what had enabled the program to thrive at Fidelity, McGann included, management support, 24/7 access to the Mindshop on-line resources, and coaching support for his executives, as the key factors. Fidelity has been a successful user of the Mindshop Business Leader program and a good example to other corporates as to how to compete in the difficult times of 2012 and beyond.

ABN Group

“250+ participants in the program across 10 different groups”


Building over 3000 homes a year across the country, ABN has constructed more than 44,000 homes in total since it was established in 1978.Ranked 2nd in the Housing Industry Association’s 2009-2010 Housing Top 100 list, and 46th in the 2010 Business Review Weekly list of the top 500 private companies, the ABN Group has established itself as an industry heavyweight.

Mindshop supported an internal development program from October 2009 to February 2014. The program peaked at over 300+ participants across 10 different groups who receive quarterly business development training, 24/7 access to a wealth of online resources and regular coaching support between each meeting.

Across Horticulture Leadership Training

“Excellent. One of the best things Horticulture Australia has done”


The Horticulture – The Next Generation Business Leader Development program provides a mechanism to improve the ability of growers and other industry members to lead, guide, and provide strategic direction for the industry. The project was developed around the need to ensure the long term viability of Australian horticulture, which is partially dependent upon the availability of quality leadership at both industry wide and individual business levels.

Mindshop has supported this program since 2012. To date, the programme has engaged intensively with 95 Industry Leaders over 3 separate 6-10 month programs using combination of face to face workshops, individual coaching, webinars and online support.

Feedback from the programs have been extremely positive with many participants expressive a strong desire to take a more practice role in industry leadership. The initial 2012 program was rated by 85% of participants for the value received as 9/10 or better – an excellent result.

Composting Victoria

“We kept it simple”


Compost Victoria to developed a 5 year market development strategy for the Composting Industry. This involved 20 industry leaders who not only helped tailor the plan but were also able to work on their own businesses to identify market opportunities. The program involved 4 face to face workshops, one-to-one coaching, and access to the Mindshop Online platform where they could access a wealth of best practice resources over a period of 6 months.

Run by Mindshop Facilitator, James Atkins, the industry leaders involved were able to invite colleagues within their own business to the face to face workshops for increased collaboration and strategy development. Feedback from the program was fantastic with one participant commenting “We are all in this together to make something better”.


“High Growth & Job Creation”


Glide helps tenants and property businesses to manage their bills, and the sharing of bills. Glide was seeing a slow down in growth, the business was totally reliant on its 2 founders, and a lack of a strong management team or structure around them.

To tackle these challenges an internal Leadership Academy was created, bringing together a cohesive and collaborative management team that would work together on moving the business forward. The Glide team were given a blended support and development program featuring regular workshops and resources/tools via Mindshop Online, enabling them to improve and development themselves and the business outside of the structured workshops.

The program included developing a clear strategic direction, enhancing the Go to Market Strategy, and developing 90 Day Action Plans. Full accountability was implemented, with a coaching and appraisal process that included the whole business. A culture of continuous improvement was embedded at Glide, with regard to waste and ongoing business improvement projects. Throughout all of this, the founders and leadership team were coached (via face to face workshops and online tools) to develop their personal leadership styles and overall business impact.

The results achieved: Growth to £25,000,000 within 3 years, Cash reserves increased and net profits improved by 5%, and a doubling of their employees.

“Lucid has made a significant impact on our business and the individuals within it. The value they have provided and continue to add is why we keep working with them.” James Villarreal, Glide CEO


Leadership Academy



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