The Business Leaders

Let us turn you into a business leader that thrives in the face of competition.

At Business By Design we coach entrepreneurs, managers and business owners to obtain the skills they need in order to build profitable, long-term businesses in any industry. Using a variety of proprietary, market-proven techniques we help our clients grow into the leaders they want to be both professionally and personally.

We get it. We know how frustrating and lonely it can be trying to run your business as an entrepreneur, because we’re entrepreneurs too.

We’ve spent countless sleepless nights worrying about finances, sales targets and whether or not we’ve picked the right management team. We’re here to tell you, you don’t have to make these decisions alone.

Are You Blind To Your Blind Spots?

Over the last 15 years we’ve been in business, we’ve heard many business owners tell us good reasons why they don’t need coaching or training – Too expensive, too much time out of the office, too hard doing it alone, can’t afford the time or cost to include my team. All legitimate reasons, but as the owner of the business, the buck stops with you. Sometimes you don’t always have the right answers or the experience to make the optimum decision. Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know. This is where we can help. We have business coaches who have years of experience running successful small and large-sized businesses who have been through the trenches. From interpersonal conflicts, to customer relationship issues, to inventory problems, they’ve been through it all.

Business coaching is about your professional and personal development, helping you manage your time better, increase business profits & cashflow, improve competitiveness, focused strategic leadership and ultimately grow your business. We’ve worked with many businesses like yours and developed a coaching model that is the right solution for any business owner in any industry.

The Business Leaders Program

The Business Leaders program is designed alleviate the common concerns about business coaching and leadership development and address your specific business needs as identified below

Business leaders Concerns & Needs Model

Business Leaders Program

So how does it work?

How much time you dedicate to the program is up to you. All participants commit to once a quarter workshops, which amounts to 4 days in your annual calendar (February, May, August & November). The time commitment to your monthly coaching is flexible. You can sign up for a virtual solution (online), phone or face-to-face coaching. The time you spend with your business coach is up to you and negotiated at the start of your engagement. You and your coach will review your progress on a quarterly basis to determine how much time you’ll need based on your business needs.

The cost of the program depends on the level of coaching support your business needs. We are happy to negotiate an individual plan that suits you. Our fees are based on a monthly schedule and we guarantee 100% satisfaction with the results of the program.

Program Details

There are 4 key elements to the Business Leaders Program that guarantees success. Each of these elements plays an integral role in allowing participants to achieve the short-term and long-term business outcomes they desire:

  1. Online Coaching & Training Platform

Our online platform helps you keep track of all your strategies, actions and professional development in one secure location. The online platform enables you to speed up the pace of implementation through a traffic light system to help you focus on your individual business priorities. You coach then assists you with strategy, planning and execution in order to achieve your business and professional outcomes.

The online platform is available 24/7, so when an issue arises, you can get the answers you need immediately. Our team of business coaches provides confidential support and solutions drawn from hundreds of business tools, professional development courses (which we can custom build to suit your business/team’s specific learning and development needs) and resources. This provides you with ‘just in time learning that you can apply to your workplace immediately, significantly speeding up the pace of implementing change.

Powered By Mindshop. Mindshop provides the online platform to help us to successfully build, grow, sell and deliver advisory services to any sized business, anywhere in the world. Founded in 1994 by Chris Mason as a small Advisory business in Melbourne, Australia it has now grown to support hundreds of Business Advisors like Business By Design.

  1. Workshops

Quarterly-run “Best- Practice Workshops” are an opportunity to network and collaborate with your fellow peers, access their perspective on best practises and challenge your own strategies and actions. Each workshop is focused on specific key business improvement topics such as future proofing your business; How to grow your revenue in the next quarter; How to improve profitability by cutting costs; Which leadership style to apply in a given situation. They are highly interactive, and allow you to put what you’ve learned into immediate action within your business.

These highly sought after workshops are facilitated by one of our experienced business coaches who guides the discussion and helps keeps it focused and relevant.

Our participants have found these face-to-face events are an opportunity to learn new skills, refine strategic plans, review project team outcomes and hold each other accountable to implementation goals.  The content and flow is customised to suit the specific learning/development needs of the group. We encourage you to bring other team members as well.

  1. Coaching Support

The focus of our coaching support in Business Leaders Program is to help deal with the implementation challenges and opportunities of putting your strategic plans into action. A critical element is to ensure the new skills you’ve just learned are applied on a day-to-day basis. Your coaching support can take place face-to-face, online, or via phone/skype as required.  The depth and pace of this coaching support is determined individually.

  1. Peer-To-Peer Network

Between the workshops and your individual coaching sessions, there are opportunities to share information between current and past program participants. You have access to almost 1000 other business leaders from around the world where you can seek advice, expertise and share ideas via your PC, Ipad or smartphone, whenever or wherever you need assistance. Much of the success of the entire program comes from these participant-led forums where we encourage you to openly share what’s working and what’s not in your area of the business and to develop strong business relationships with others who face the same challenges as you.



“The business leaders forum was a stimulating, informative and empowering workshop. I feel like my ideas have been recharged, my passion boosted and my tool kit has been increased. Highly recommended it you are a self starter looking for a competitive edge.”  Benjamin Davoren – Tacmed Australia

“I’ve been to literally 100’s of training/seminars over the last 20 years and can honestly say that only a handful have actually helped me grow. I am sure I can now add the Business Leaders Forum to that list.”  Brendan Hoy – WB Financial

“Tony Robbins “fall in love with your client” Sean & Nikki clearly take this advice seriously – their genuine CARE factor for their clients achieving success is admirable & we have a great deal of respect for their knowledge, expertise & service excellence!!!”  Cherie Parik – Your Commercial Property Specialist

“I found the workshop great, highly organised, logical and it kept me interested. I’m an artistic person so found the maps/plans & answer sheets valuable in creating formats to enable me to see where my business needs work.”  Lisa Daniel – The design cupboard

“Really impressed with the team from Business By Design. Our C.H. business community is very fortunate to be able to tap into Sean and Nikki’s deep experience in all things business.”  Ken Phillips – KPI Broking

“The workshop gave me many useful tools that will improve vision & productivity in our business. A morning well spent!”  Oliver Gee – G2 Architects

“It was great to learn about simple but effective techniques to improve the future of the business & increase my skills/knowledge.”  Nathan Graham – Colourworks

 “This workshop provides you with the confidence and foresight to put you in the position you want to be in.”  Hayden Hewitson – Hewiston Electrical Contractors


“We would highly recommend attending this particular workshop & it was refreshing. Looking forward to more in the future. Different tools used which we haven’t been exposed to before.”  Matt & Rebecca Osbourne – Coffs Computing

“I found today’s forum a great platform for us to now implement some of the resources & learned from today to overcome & move positively forward with some of early business challenges we are currently facing. Thank you Sean & Nikki.”  Therese Ryan – Cornerstone Conveyancing

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the morning & the content. I had my team member come along also which I felt was a valuable way to engage her in the business & involve her moving forward. Sean is an extremely engaging presenter & put forward the content in a way that made it easy to implement. Thank you!”  Kendall Devine – Nolan Partners

“Sean manages to breakdown complex business challenges into achievable bit sized chunks that you can attack bit by bit. Really worthwhile to learn about the tools to help you achieve this.”  Natalie Power – Powerful Accounting

“Presentation and linking of ideas were really well laid out and logical with the flow. Some great ideas to utilise and my business will benefit from some of these concepts and applications.”  Brian Marshall – TAFE Mid North Coast

“The Business Leaders Program is a simple, effective way to identify problems and solutions in key areas of your business. It is practical forum for each individuals businesses’ circumstances.”  Rob Hoy – Hoys Physiotherapy


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