Business Coaching

Why you need business coaching

Most people go into business because they want freedom, a good lifestyle and the ability to choose their own hours.

Unfortunately, the reality is very different for most: excessive hours wearing too many hats, missing out on family activities, constantly chasing your tail and feeling exhausted.

No matter the type of business, there comes a time when management needs to look outside the organisation for external expertise, a fresh insight into the problems that are holding the company back or simply an outside perspective. Business coaching how you can fast-track your success.


Business coaching is the key to taking your business to the next level without forcing you to wear all the hats or spiral down the path of burnout.

A business coach works with you to provide an independent perspective, drive change, develop accountability and focus and offer temporary professional services to fill in the gaps while helping you focus on core aspects of the business, improve productivity and train staff.

At Business By Design we help business owners build their businesses and transition from being self-employed to becoming profit-generating business owners. We challenge you to make a decision TODAY – the decision to build a commercial, profitable enterprise that works without you.


Advantages of Having a Business Coach

Focus: Your business coach will bring in a fresh perspective and objectively look at your business plan, the state of the business and your vision for the future to help you remain laser focused and on top of your game.

Expert Support and Guidance: Our business coaches have decades of experience and knowledge that they will fully leverage to support you around the clock, just when you need it the most. Whether your business hits a brick wall or a new competitor gets into your space, our business coaches will be there to offer skill, experience and expert guidance.

ROI and Profit: Business coaching ensures that your business grows and prospers in the most suitable direction and at a manageable pace – the right elements that create a legacy.

Your business is a living and breathing entity that needs constant guidance, nurturing and management. Let a qualified business coach help you set up processes that make the business work without you having to wear all the hats.


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