The first step in the journey to success is becoming aware of what aspects you need to focus on and putting plans in place to grow your business. A solid overview of where your business is and where you want it to be in the future will play an important role in your planning process. Our business coaching service provides expertise and support to navigate the challenges and barriers to success.

We will be supportive when it comes to your aspirations and the needs of your business, whilst also encouraging you to accept any business-related challenges as well as overcome the difficulties of running your business.

Our point of difference is our business coaching team will help you work smarter, not harder, be more accountable and progress faster than you would on your own.  There are many benefits of our business coaching, some of which include:

Focus: Your business coach will bring in a fresh perspective and objectively look at your business plan, the state of the business and your vision for the future to help you remain laser focused and on top of your game.

Expert Support and Guidance: Our business coaches have decades of experience and knowledge that they will fully leverage to support you around the clock, just when you need it the most. Whether your business hits a brick wall, or a new competitor gets into your space, our business coaches will be there to offer skill, experience and expert guidance.

ROI and Profit: Business coaching ensures that your business grows and prospers in the most suitable direction and at a manageable pace – the right elements that create a legacy.

Talk to our team today and discover for yourself the benefits of working with a business coach who believes in taking the time to understand the inner workings of every business, so we can recommend the right strategies to get the right results for your business. A personalised plan of action tailored to your specific business goals.




“Things started to change – immediately! On my first one day session with Sean he ‘reshuffled’ my thought process, coaching me to take one step back from the start, then hold the line, hold the line, (whilst recruiting) until we were confident we had a candidate that would not only suit the role, but would go the distance in that role for a ‘substantial’ period of time. This then allowed the business to take two steps forward by having made the right choice, and six months down the track have a valuable team member”

John Plunkett | CEO | Three Rivers Machinery



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