Business Blueprinting

Business systematizing or blueprinting is vital to ensure that your business remains profitable and sustainable. It also means you can give the task of running the business to someone else.

In business, there are four types of people:

1) the employee

2) the self-employed (works as the employee and the business owner),

3) the business owner (leverages other people’s time and skills, but he/she is still essential for the business to run) and

4) the investor (is not directly tied to the business, gets a part of the profit and is free).


Is your business designed to give you the freedom and flexibility to work when and where you want?


Why is Business Blueprinting Important?

• It captures your business’ vision from the inside out.

• Communicates your vision to your team or strategic partners, and shows how everyone’s work helps make that vision a reality.

• Keeps everyone involved and on track.

• Ensures that all the elements of your business/project are congruent and complimentary.

• Records processes and procedures in your business, allowing you to seamlessly hand over tasks to someone else.

• Standardizes your processes and procedures to ensure consistent quality.


SOP and Business Blueprinting

Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) is an essential component of effective business blueprinting.

The SOP document the steps of key business processes to ensure consistent quality output.

During a Standard Operation Procedures training session you will learn how to develop a solid SOP that communicates the who, what, where, when and how of all the tasks that are essential to your business.

A SOP that will give your company a competitive edge and address every factor that can impact your business – from training needs to organisational change management, nothing is left to chance.

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